System Monitoring

Metrics and alerts for your critical services.

10 Monitors

No hidden costs!


Billed monthly.

Every monitor includes:

  • 60 Second Check Intervals
  • Multi-Region Monitoring
  • Uptime Checks
  • Latency History
  • Domain Expiry Alerts
  • SSL Certificate Expiry Alerts
  • Downtime & Other Problem Alerts
  • Email Notifications

Larger Scale Monitoring

When your monitoring needs expand.

25 Monitors


50 Monitors


100 Monitors


Need More?

Our platform can handle your monitoring demands at scale. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our monitors are primarily used as uptime checks. Each domain, web page, or API endpoint you create a monitor for gets checked by our monitoring network every 60 seconds. We log performance metrics, error details, and other information with every check.

You are sent an alert if we detect errors that exceed your thresholds. The default threshold is 5 errors within 5 minutes, but this can be configured per your own requirements.

Each monitor has various settings you can enable, such as domain and SSL certificate expiration monitoring. We include these features with every monitor instead of requiring you to set up separate monitors, or trying to upsell you to enable them. Every feature our platform offers is included within each of your allowed monitors.

We currently maintain monitors in Dallas, Texas, and Newark, New Jersey. We will be expanding into other regions as our platform grows. As new regions are added, your monitors will be added to them automatically at no additional cost to you.

Most uptime data is purged after 90 days. Uptime data related to error or problematic condtions is kept indefinitely via your Alert History.

Yes, actually! We are always looking for ways to expand our platform. We would love to hear your idea!

Please contact us with your feature request so we can see about getting it implemented.